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A picnic means transporting snacks and drinks from point A to point B. And the trickiest part is carrying the bottles! 
Whether it's a bottle of soft drink or natural wine, the bottle holder is there to help you in style. 
This piece was designed and created by designer Adélie de Soumagnat and chef Justine Pruvot. 


Material: Vichy 100% cotton  
Dimensions: Length 31 cm Width 13 cm
Care: Wash at max 30 degrees 

This is a unique handmade piece, which may therefore vary in colour, shape and thickness. 
Each piece is sold with the associated recipe, created and imagined by Chef Justine Pruvot.


Credit: Aurore Bonami


LE PORTE BOUTEILLE (The Bottle Holder)

35,00 €Prix
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